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14-15th May- TTT Horse Trials

Simone Evans took FDL Jack Daniel to his first trials in many many years.  They had so much fun, placing after the dressage, clear sj, but a few lazy stops by Dan put them out of the placings. Massive congrats to Sim for doing a super job on him and for looking after him so well.

20th May- Bacchus March Interschools Dressage

Maddy and FDL Tequila competed in there second ISD comp and came away with 2 wins and overall champion in the Primary Prelim. 


 20th February- Just wanted to say how damn proud i am of the way young dressage rider, (16yo) Jorjia Adams rode Dan today at there first comp together. Only a handful of rides together and already they have come away with some encouraging results . Dan you made me very proud looking after J today. Loved watching you both xx And a qualifying score for young rider champs too. 2 x 4th Placings in the medium tests.



5th March- Beautiful morning at the Assumption Interschools Dressage. First ever prelim and interschools comp for Maddy and Que and they were both amazing. So proud of this pair, was a delight to watch and even better to see huge pats and smiles after both tests.

A second in 1.1 (67.727%)  and a 1st in 1.2  (76.538%) Overall prelim CHAMPION

28th March- Riddells Creek PC Easter Horse Trials: Maddy and Ques very first Grade 5 Horse Trials. 2nd after dressage by 1 point and super SJ round as well as a super Cross country round to come away with 2nd place (by 1 point). Thrilled for these two today.



Thumbs up after finishing the Cross Country

 31st March - Jorja Adams competed Dan in the FEI Junior and came away with an 60.877%  and an 8th Place.



 23rd April-  EA Masters Games

.Fluer De Lys Jack Daniel and I competed at the 2016 Masters Games

We had a super day and came home with a Gold in the Combined Training 30-39 age group and then Champion in the Adv Dressage


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