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24th May - 11yo Maddison competed on her Welsh Cob mare (by FDL Jack Daniel) at the Whittlesea PC CT Day . This was there first comp together and still only been together a few months.

Great dressage to come 2nd then a fabulous SJ round but one slight hesitation meant they got a stop for that, and dropped to 3rd. One very happy kid and one very proud mum.



31st May- WPVDC Winter Series: 1st Advanced 5.1 with a super score of 65.455%.

28th June-  WPVDC Winter Series: Not the best test today but still some positives though 55.929%.


23rd August- Simone Evans took Daniel to the HRCAV Hurstbridge  SJ Day . First SJ comp together and they did fantastic, coming home with a 4th place .



30th August- Maddison took FDL Tequila to RCPC Pre Royal , only 11 weeks post accident. Maddy wasn't nervous at all, and despite a horrible rainy cold day, the pair came home with placings in all classes. Such a proud moment watching this pair go around and have fun.


5th September- Simone took Dan to the TTT SJ Champs at Bulla . Amazing day . No faults all day and came away with 5th in the 2 Phase, then a very speedy 2nd place in the One Round Stakes 2nd in the AM5. AND Reserve Champ for section 3B.

 22nd November- Maddy competed on FDL Tequila at the Riddells Crk PC Dressage & SJ day. First time learning two tests and after a challenging ride in the first test (Que found Barley just before her first test and was neighing to her, so wasn't paying much attention), but they did a lovely second test to come away with a 3rd. The fun part was next and no nerves were shown (first SJ Comp back since there accident). Great jumping and a speedy second round , to come home with 2 x 6ths. So proud of this pair.



 6th December- Riddells Crk PC Christmas Rally. Great fun day had by all. The jumping and horse and hound , followed by fancy dress were a few highlights



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30044690 30 a great test today with a score of 55.929%

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