waldarrah performance horses



1/12/13- Saddleworld Dressage Festival- Medium 4B:5th   Medium 4C: 3rd ( with a 64% from  judge E: Stephen Clarke (GBR), who had us in 2nd place)



20/10/13- ASPR EA Dressage Champs- Medium 4B:2nd   Medium 4C: 2nd Reserve Champ Medium Pony

30/06/13- WPVDC EA- Medium 4B: 1st. Adv 5B: 1st

23/06/13- WVDC EA - Medium 4B: 58.194% (4th out of the horses) . 4C-63.563% (2nd out of the horses). 1st in both tests against one other pony too. Dan also scored a huge 65.625% from  one of the judges in the 4C test.

26/05/13- WPVDC EA Winter Series- First time competing in Official Advanced and Dan came home with a 58.875% which put him 6th out of 11 horses. No other ponies in it. He also won the Medium 4A with a 62.222% 

6/04/13- APOB Dressage Day- Adv 5A  1st and Medium 4A 2nd. And CHAMP Medium/Advanced Pony.

2/04/13- Lancefield HRCAV Dressage Day- FDL JD , A2 2nd and A4 3rd. Reserve Champ Jackpot

24/03/13- Pyalong HRCAV Dressage Day- FDL JD A2 2nd (63.75%) A4 3rd. Reserve Jackpot Advanced Champion.

Kambea Park Savannah also competed in the level 3, just missing out on the placings but showing some super work though.


12/01/13- Riddells Crk EA Dressage Champs- FLD JD 4A 55.278% & 4B 61.528%. Champ Medium Pony. (3rd in 4B against the horses out of 11, couldnt compare other test as i had a different judge to the horses)

Kambea Park Savannah competed in 1B and 1D, unplaced, but super well behaved and some awesome work shown.


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