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FDL Jack Daniel 2012 Results

10/11/12- ASPR EA National- 2nd in both Medium tests and OVERALL NATIONAL PONY MEDIUM CHAMPION!!


21/10/12- ASPR Dressage Champs EA- First time back at Werribee in a few years, and he wasn't too impressed with the white daisies in Arena 1. Placed 1st in 4C and 2nd in 4B , Reserve Medium Pony.

30/09/12-WPVDC EA Dressage Champs- (First test back in 3 months)  WON both medium tests and 3rd out of 8 in the big horses too. One judge in the 4B test had us FIRST out of the 8 horses too. Only 1% away from the big horse winner too.

16/6/12- Carabi HRCAV dressage Jackpot- Adv A4 5th, and A4 (Second attempt at same test with different judge as some how tests got mixed up etc) . 1ST!!!

29/4/12- Eastern Region ARC Dressage Jackpot- Adv A1-3rd & Advanced A4-2nd. FDL Tequila and FDL Jack Daniel, below, competing at ERARC.


18/3/12- Pyalong/Glenaroura HRCAV Dressage Jackpot. Adv A1 1st (61.852%) and Adv A2 2nd (61.071%) and Overall ADVANCED JACKPOT CHAMPION.


26/2/12- Riddells Crk HRCAV Dressage Jackpot. Adv A2 2nd (60.71%) and Adv A4 3rd (59.23%). 3rd in Adv Jackpot. 

22/1/12-  RC EA Dressage Day- Dan did two amazing tests and in both tests we cracked over 60%. 4B 63.056% and 4C 62.500%. No other ponies in it, BUT we came 2nd in 4B against the big horses though (big horse score was 64.306%) and 4th in 4C (big horse score was 65.625%).


8/1/12- Today we headed off to the KDARC Dressage Jackpot. It was only our second attempt at HRCAV Advanced Level. Dan worked a treat and came home with a 1st in A1 with 63.33% and a very close second by .3 in A2 with a score of 60.35%. Also taking home overall ADVANCED JACKPOT CHAMPION

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